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Being Appraised: Emblem and Mascot  2005-05-16 11:15 Emblem and mascot of“2005 Vanke Cup World Water Ski Championships”are being chosen through public appraisal in the conference hall on the second floor of Dongli-lake Holiday Village in Dongli district, Tianjin on 10th May afternoon. The result of the public appraisal will be published on a near day.

“2005 Vanke Cup World Water Ski Championships”will be held from 15th to 21st Aug. in 2005 in Tianjin Dong Li Lake International Aquatic Sport Park. The emblem and mascot of this championship will be collected from the whole nation. The theme that“harmonious and natural----establish a green home hand in hand”must be stood out in the design of the emblem. It must embody the significance of this championship and must show the image of Tianjin. Having deep moral, being characteristic, concise, innovational, and colorful is also the request of the emblem. The design of mascot must be novel, concise, colorful, and lively. It can fully embody the characteristic and demand of the internationalization and specialization of the World Water Ski Championship.

The organizing committee has received 217 emblems and 48 mascots which will be selected. In the afternoon of 10th May, the judgment commission has made the first public appraisal. Setting of awards for emblem includes 20 commemorating awards, 3 awards for the people who can be selected to the final competition, 1 award for the people who win the design.

From: Editor:Zhang Jialu