Press Conference of 2005 WWSC  2005-08-15 00:09

On the press conference, Burke-Kennedy Des, Chairman Marketing and Media Committee made a short speech. Firstly, he gave a big congratulation to Tianjin and Dongli District which had made a good preparation for the 2005 WWSC (World Water Ski Championship). He said that there 92 branches of IWSF in the world and China is one of them. So being held in China, this championship is becoming vital. The 2005 WWSC have drawn over 40 Medias to report it, including television station, broadcasting station, newspaper and so on. After everyday competition, nearly 192 nations and regions can be received photos and news of this championship. Des said after one week competition more people will know about Tianjin and Dongli Lake.

Secondly, he also talked about the great competition of this championship. Champions of last Water Ski Championship have also participated the 2005, WWSC. The overall title, two athletes from United States have attended this championship. And athletes from Canada, Argentina and Greece also are powerful. It is going to be a battle among them. In Slalom, an athlete from United States who is the champion of last championship has also come to the arena. Unfortunately, the women slalom champion from Australia has not come to China to participate this championship. Because she just has recovery from the injury. But there are still many excellent athletes from Italy, France, New Zealand, and Britain to compete for this title. So the slalom also has a high appreciation. As for the tricks, two champions from the United States have all come to this championship. Jump is the most dangerous. This time, one of the champions come to China and the other is absent because of just recovery of the injury.

From:北方网 Editor:Zhang Jialu