Preliminaries Tricks Rounds Ended Today  2005-08-19 21:23

On Aug 19th, preliminaries trick women 2/1, preliminaries trick men 2/1 and preliminaries jump men 2/1 have been held. In today’s competition, athletes from USA showed their great performances again, catching two headlines of the three preliminaries rounds currently.

In the preliminaries trick men 2/1, Zharnasek Aliaksei (BLR) caught the first place with a score of 11470. Llewellyn Jaret (CAN) was at the second place. Siemers Jimmy from USA tied for the third rank.

Preliminaries trick women 2/1 came next. Jaquess Regina from USA got the first place with a score of 7400. Andriopoulou Angeliki (GBR) tied for the second. As for the third place, it was occupied by two athletes, Mcclintock Whitney from Canada and Nightingale Mandy who was the world champion from USA.

Today’s last round is the preliminaries men jump 2/1. Two athletes from USA occupied first and second rank respectively. Krueger Freddy caught the headline with a score of 68,7m, and Siemers Jimmy was at the second place, scoring 66,7m. Fenzl Thomas from AUT got the third rank.

Except for preliminaries jump women 2/1 which will be held tomorrow morning, all the preliminaries rounds have been ended till today. After holding the preliminaries jump women 2/1 on Aug 20th, we can appreciate the finals slalom women, finals slalom men, finals tricks women and final tricks men.

From:北方网 Editor:Zhang Jialu