4th Day: China Vs Canada 7-11

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Enorth.com.cn:At 3:30 p.m. on 11th Aug.the first match of the 1/4 games took place in Tianjin Swimming and Diving Hall. Chinese team met Canadian team, fighting for the 7th place of this water polo water cup. Chinese girls developed an excellent level and got7 goals. However, finally China still lost the game with the sccore of 7-11. Till now Chinese team have finished their matches of the 14th FINA Women's Water Polo World Cup.

At the beginning of the opening period, both sides made attacks and got defense with a draw.Number 3 from Chinese team got the chance to score the first goal at 1 minute 15 seconds.Just 28 seconds later, number 9 from Canada shot one goal.The score kept 1-1 till the remaining 3 minutes 41 seconds.At the remainin times in the first quarter the score was 3 for Canada and 2 for China. The total score of the first quarter was 3-4, Canada got the leading place temperarily.China increasing strength was blatant in the second quarter against Canada.In this periods, China aslo got the first chance to shoot.And the goal keeper of China gave her team a defensive edge from the cage. Canada gave intense attack against China. They scored 2 goals and went ahead.But Chinese girls did not give up, scoring one goal and making a draw with the score of 2-2 in the second quarter.The total points of the first two periods were 5-6, Canada went ahead with a slim advantage.

In the third quarter, both sides fight for nearly 3 minutes with no score. Till the remaining 5 minutes 36 seconds , number 4 from Canada caught the chance to shoot one goal. In the following times of this quarter, Canadian girls caught the whole situation of this quarter.They scored 2 answered goals before 4 minutes 38 seconds. Till the remaining 3 minutes 32 seconds number 7 from Chinese team scored one goal because of one mistake made by Canada.At the remaining 39 seconds, number 10 from Chinese girls scored another goal.This period ended up with the score of 7-9. Canada caught the leading place after the 3rd quarter.

Chinese girls was swimming straight forward in the beginning of the fourth period.But the intense attack made Canada score the first goal of this period at 2 minutes 24 seconds.In the remaining time, Canada displayed no chance to China. They scored another goal at the remaining 3 minutes 12 seconds.

Finally, Canada won the game with the score of 11-7, occupying the 7th place. And China got the 8th place of the 14th FINA Women's Water Polo World Cup.

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