4th Day: Greece Vs Italy 7-11

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Enorth.com.cn: In the evening of 11th Aug, the second match in the 4th day begun between Greece and Italy.

The 1st period of the match turned out to be very resulting and prosessed with Italian advantage, which managed to score 4 times charging.Greece just shot 2 goals in the 1st quarter.The second period was very slow.Till 5 minute 15 seconds, there were only two goals, one for Greece and the other for Italy.At remaining 2 minutes 45 seconds, Greece scored one goal to break the ice.36 seconds later Italy number 5 shot successfully. At the remaining times, two goals were scored.In the first two quarters, the total points are 5-7.Italy went ahead.

The third period was controlled by Italy totally. They have scored 2 goals,leaving no chance to Greece. In this period, Greece did not score any goal.Italy was swimming straight for the clear victory in the fourth quarter.The score of the 4th period was two for Italy and two for Greece.Both sides made a draw in this periods.Finally, Italy won the game with the total score of 11-7. Italy will meet the No.1 of Group A in the match of Saturday afternoon.

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