The 6th East Asian Games--Mascots 2012-12-12 10:55

  The Mascots of the Games are the two “Angels”, the design of which are based on the Chinese rose (cityflower of Tianjin) and the Lucky Clouds pattern. The Chinese rose symbolizes “peace and friendship”, and theLucky Clouds symbolize “harmonious development”. The angels are named “Jinjin” (initial of jin, the short form ofTianjin) and “Dongdong” (initial of dongya, the Chinese phonetic alphabet for East Asia).Jinjin, a lovely girl wearing a Chinese rose, opens her arms to welcome all the guests to the city. Dongdong,an energetic boy with Lucky Clouds on his head, jumps up and makes the gesture of victory to indicate thesuccess of the Games.The English word “angel” is the Chinese equivalent of “tianshi”, which is the shortened expression of “Tianjinshizhe”, the Chinese equivalent of “the ambassadors from Tianjin”. The concept combines the folk tradition ofthe city and the culture of the West. Angels are loved throughout the world, and they now become the goodwillambassadors of Tianjin, host of the East Asian Games.The design of the Mascots is borrowed from the two renowned traditional forms of arts developed in Tianjin: Zhang-style Clay Figurines and Yangliuqing Woodcut New Year Pictures. The elaborate graphics and richcolors bestow upon the Mascots remarkable liveliness and vitality.

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