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History and Abstract

Based on the literary inscription, basketball sport was invented by American people, James Naismith, in 1891. At that time, Naismith was teaching at an international training school of Young Men's Christian Association of Springfield in Massachusetts. He created the basketball game, get inspired from the local children’s outdoor playing. Because of the abundant peaches and ubiquitous peach baskets, children prefer to throw ball to the peach basket. Naismith nailed two peach baskets on a place which both ends of stands of indoor sports room off the ground at three meters as the ball cage, and meantime, regarded football as the official ball, instead the baffle with barbed wires. He also absorbed the characteristics of football, rugby football, hockey and other ball games to formulate the original thirteen game regulations. These are the origin of the name of basketball and the situation of basketball sports in creation period, and at that time, people called the game as "Naismith Ball" or "basket ball". Later, James Naismith is known as "the Founding Father of modern basketball".

With the continuous improvement of court facilities, basket bottom is replaced by basket, iron ring instead of peach basket, and iron wire backstop has been gradually substituted for wood-board. The venue increases midcourt line, center field and penalty line, the game will begin with the center jump. At the same time, the game players of each team will change to nine people who are different by various positions on defender, guard, center, forward, guard staying, etc.

On January 20, 1892, the international training school initially held a wide range of basketball games. Therefore, the basketball game has a longer history than the modern Olympic Games. However, men's basketball had been admitted to the Olympic official games project by International Olympic Committee (IOC) until the establishment of International Basketball Federation (FIBA) in 1932. Women's basketball reached the stage of Olympic until the year of 1976.

Basketball once recognized as the Olympic Games project in 1904, but at that time only a few American football clubs engaged in this competition. From the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, basketball becomes an official project of Olympic Games ever since.

Basketball has become the official competition project of East Asian Games since the first games started in the year of 1993.

Watching Etiquettes

1、 The audience should in order for going in and out of venues. Generally, audience must arrive at the venue in advance, which is a basic respect to athletes, coaches, and referees. It is not available to take the glass and can drinks into the stadium, however, soft packed drinks could be taken in, and the garbage must be brought out by convenient pouch packaging as well as paper bag on their own. The audience had better go to the washroom or buy beverages between the every section, or after the first and second half of the competition. Please do not sit on the steps of passageway when watching games.

2、The audience dress should be neatly, decent and cannot be too casually. It is not available for smoking after entering into the stadium. Please do not wander about in the process of competition. Mobile phone should be switched off or set into vibration and silent state. Audiences are not allowed to use flashlight casually, especially in the condition of penalty kick.

3、 The audience should applaud for each player when the presenter introduces both team players one by one on the opening ceremony. The audience should also stand up to perform eye salute when raise the national flag and play the national anthem. When the competition comes to an end, audiences ought to leave the stadium after all formal rites completely finished, including the Award Ceremony.

4、 If the team of host nation holds all the aces in competition, the audiences should not use infringed languages when cheers up for their own team. It is necessary for clapping for both teams’ wonderful performance, do not make hiss to affect the competition and put rivals down. It is prohibited from making gestures to cheerleaders and using offensive body languages.

Good interaction is indispensable to the basketball competition, which can arouse the enthusiasm of the athletes, to make them better involve into the game. It is encouraged to cheer up for both sides of athletes during the process, which based on the DJ and strong rhythm background music (such as Defense and Offense).