Gymnastics 2012-12-12 17:31

History and Introduction of the Sport

The word “gymnastic” comes from ancient Greek which means “Naked Artistry” in Italian because the athletes used to practice nakedly; later the word was introduced to other European countries and America.

In 23rd, July, 1881, Federation Internationale de Gymnastique(FIG) was set up in Liege, Belgium, and represented the gymnastic association of Belgium, Holland and France. In 1897, seventeen countries established the European Gymnastic Association, but the name changed to International Gymnastic Federation after America joined this organization in 1921.

The pattern of the gymnastic competition in Olympic Games has been basically settled since 1924. Gymnastics has become the competition event ever since the first East Asian Games in 1993.

Spectators’ Manners

1. The spectators should arrive at the court ahead of time, and leave the court after the end of the competition. Keep in order when entering the court and pay attention to the elders and the young. Don’t talk loudly inside the court. The cell phones should be turned off or to vibrate or mute during the competition. Your civil behaviors are the biggest encouragement for the athletes.

2. The acquisition of some competition knowledge is necessary for appreciating the beautiful movements of the athletes and watching the technique and style of the movements. The spectators should not only appreciate the exquisite skills but also see their tenacious style and inner quality. They cheer for the athletes from both their own country and foreign countries. They should behave in a warm but not manic manner, passionate but also reasonable.

3. The athletes need to expel every distracting thought to clear their mind and focus all the efforts on the movements they are going to complete. So the spectators need to concentrate on watching, do not applaud, cheer or call the athlete’s names.

4. Don’t use the flashlight while taking photos, because the twinkling light will distract the attention of the athletes, and influence the athletes’ judgment of the height in space and the position of timing, and even lead to fault or injury in the competition. It is proper behavior to applaud after the movements are completed.

5. Gymnastics is an event scored by the referee. Don’t booing or be impetuous, you should control your temper even when you think the referee is unfair in the judgment.

6. After the competition is concluded, please take out the rubbish you have left in the court.