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History and Abstract

The origin of swimming is very early. In ancient times, humans live in the environment of large river, river, lake and sea, which needs to make relations with water inevitable. In the process of production and struggle with the nature, swimming emerged and constantly created and developed a variety of skills and methods. In 1896 the first session of Olympic Games held in Greece, listed swimming as one of the formal competition project. At that time only have men's 100 meters, 500 meters, and 1200 meters freestyle projects. The first Olympic Games swimming competition was held in high seas, with floating boat pull the rope to set starting point as well as the finishing line. The first East Asian games had listed swimming as one of the formal competition project and continue so far.

Watching Etiquettes

  1. The audience should in order when enter and out from stadium. It is not allowed to take the items that the organizing committee prohibited into the court. The audience should enter the stadium in advance, to show respect to athletes, coaches, and referees. The dress of audience should be neatly and generous. Due to the higher temperature in swimming stadium, the male audience should not make naked upper body of indecent behavior. Mobile phone should be turn off or set in the mute state. Smoking is forbidden in the venue. Introduction to the athletes also give athletes support and encouragement. Watching games can shout oneself to like the name of the athletes, can be in the cheerleader unified command and Shouting slogans, but can't shout uncivilized language, not birding.
  2. After the game, for the winner hair MEDALS, and at the same time, play the national anthem, and then the audience should all rise and quiet.
  3. If there is garbage to use convenient pocket or bag to take out.
  4. Swimming competition of the audience can not only watch the beautiful athletes and powerful movement, the flying fish of speed, but also can enjoy the athletes strong and handsome posture.
  5. At the beginning of the game especially athletes ready to go to keep quiet, no noise is allowed.
  6. In the game, don't move at will. The audience in the game must not use flash light.

Match the audience can enjoy Shouting "come on", the audience should be based on athletes swimming respiratory movement rhythm to cry, so that athletes can hear slogan, swam out good grades.

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