Cycling 2012-12-12 17:31

Project history and brief introduction

In early phase Bicycle athletics only hold in Europe and America, so Europe athlete have absolute advantage in this game, especially France, Great British, Italy, Belgium, Germany athletes monopoly the world record and the world best result once. In the first Olympiad, 1896, Bicycle athletics become an official athletics. Mountain bicycle arise from France and more and more popular in Europe gradually. In 1996, mountain bicycle was list as a Olympic game. In December, 2003 the International Olympic Committee formals approve BMX as a competition event of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Rules of game

Pursuit: Athlete pass the qualifying competition, which means after start 200 meters when moving time trial. Every athlete of each group will cycling 3 ring of 250 meters. Winner is the first athlete.

Individual chase race: Two athletes at the opposite position of a straight runway (start line and end line of chase race), start at in side of runway. The distance of male and female individual chase race is 4km and 3km. The match process include competition, first inning and final match three innings.

1km and 500m individual time trial is a match start from stationary, 1km is male’s project, 500m is female’s project. Athlete begin from block. Can not ride in to blue area, In case of accident, athletes can restart after 15 minutes rest. Only 2 restart chances of each athlete. The shortest time of athlete is the winner.

Road circling race is under a closed traffic. The race running on a ring road, the ranking depend on the last lap score.

The bicycle gymnasium in Tianjin Tuanbo Health Industrial District Sports Center looks like a Bicycle helmet on a gradual artificial hillside, the main appearance is building structure. The lights come out from stadium make the stadium more beautiful and sparkling. The hight of building 40.20m, 1830 fixed seating, 876 self-folding seats, ground level is the main part, 3 levels for part of the building.

Watching etiquette:

1. Before watch the bicycle match, the audience should understand the characteristics of the bicycle match and relevant knowledge, so can fully observe the order of the match and be quiet at suitable time.

2. When the match begin(except group begin project), athletes should listen to the Countdown electronic tone to begin. When athletes ready to begin they are absorbed on the electronic tone, the audience should be quiet, avoid affect the athletes to begin the match.

3. The audience on the track, should take a safe place, can not enter the isolation region. There are many hazardous place in the track and some place athletes fierce compete. If athletes fall down or sideslip during high speed, it must be threat the safety of the surrounding audience. So the audience must ensure their own safety during watch the game.

4. Audience must obey the command of arena staffs. Can not run into the track. Especially during road individual time trial. Athletes are start on interval time, which means the athletes can be start everywhere of whole arena, once the athlete fall down or any other accident, it will influence the final result of the athletes or cause serious personal injury accidents.