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Project history and brief introduction

Judo is a kind of unarmed martial art. Evolve from Jujitsu. It have a long history, including kick, hit, wrestling, capture etc skilled movement, and become many kinds of schools. In 1882, Mr. Kanou Jigorou comprehensive jujitsu essence from each kind of school, create a modern judo the main skills is nage-waza, holding technique and atemi-waza. At the same time, he created a Kodokan for training judo athletes. Now we use Judo come from “Japan Kodokan Judo”.

Judo forming in the 20th century, become a worldwide sports athletics project is in the 1950 s. Kanou Jigorou pass away in 1939, inheritor of Kodokan actively carry out reform, make judo accept by people and become a world wide sports competition project. For example, the adoption of weight classification; the reform of the ways to determine the result. Early judo have no weight classification, but it have to adapt to the international game, so use weight classification in judo competition of the world championships and Olympic.

Judo listed as east Asian games events in 1993.

Watching etiquette:

Judo is a project be particular about etiquette. For the players and referees etiquette has expressly regulations in competition rules. As an audience, have to be civilized when watching the match:

1. Mobile phone must be turned off or in vibration, mute state.

2. No smoking in arena.

3. Give athletes encourage cheers and applause at appropriate time.

4. When flag-raising and anthem played should stand up and quiet.

Do not throw debris to the field.

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