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History and Abstract

Taekwondo had had the history of more than 2000 years until now. Taekwondo was the firstly appeared in Seoul Olympic Games as sports project. In 1994, Taekwondo became an official event of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games by the International Olympic Committee vote. On May 9 1997, Taekwondo became the official event of the East Asian Games in the 2nd East Asian Games of Busan South Korea.

The Sports Courts and Equipment

The playing area of Taekwondo is an 8 meters x 8 meters square mat. Both players not only wear on taekwondo uniforms and a belt, but also wear on a helmet to protect your head and put on the armor, legs guards, arms guards, jockstrap, booties, gloves and mouth guards etc. Armor’s colours are divided into red (red one) and blue (green one). Armor has to wear on the outside of taekwondo uniform, and the colour of the helmets is consist with the colour of armor. Other protected gear such as jockstrap, arms guards and legs guards to wear on the inside of taekwondo uniform. Despite these protected gears are very light weight, but the athletes will be sweating during the games due to both engaged in a fierce confrontation with the wrapped body tightly.


In taekwondo games, the method mainly emphasized in leg and the actions have to hit strength and accuracy. The speed of both offense and defense is very fast, and taekwondo encourages athlete’s voice to win in the offensive and defensive. Therefore the audiences cheer constantly during the games and they cheered aloud regardless of whether the score when they saw a nice hit. There is the requirement of specification etiquette in Taekwondo. Athletes have to obeisance to the referees, the coaches and the opponents when they entered into the playing area, sometimes athletes will obeisance to the audience to show respect for the audiences, then the audiences should give applause as respond. Make sure no smoking; switching off the phone or setting in vibration, mute status when watching the taekwondo. Throwing sundries into playing area and hiss and whistle are prohibited.

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