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History and abstract

Wushu is traditional sports, which is combat with offensive and defensive action as the main content, with pattern drills and fight against as form of exercise, pay attention to internal and external minor. Wushu able to flourish in the world with its unique competitive nature and physical fitness, self-defense against an enemy, the virtues exercised, loved by the people of the world.

Chinese Wushu Team went to the Berlin Olympic Games to participate in the show in 1936,China National Sports Commission developed the first changquan, taijiquan, nanquan as "Wushu Competition Rules" in 1958, the first Asian Wushu Championship was held in 1987,wushu is classified as an official event in the eleventh Asian Games in 1990.

On October 3, 1990, the International Wushu Federation was established in Beijing, the first globally Wushu Championship was held in 1991, it marks the wushu officially entered the ranks of the world of competitive sports competition. The First East Asian Games was open on 9 May 1993 in Shanghai of China, and wushu became an official event.

The 6th East Asian Games Wushu Competition is divided into two projects: the routine and Sanda.

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