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Project history and brief introduction

Weightlifting is a very ancient sports. The ancient greeks used stone for exercise and test the person's physical strength, the Romans plunge stone in each end of a stick for physical exercise and training soldiers. Chinese form of weightlifting events have record in 2000 years ago(lift broadsword, stone barbell, stone lock etc), From the Jin dynasty to Qing dynasty Weight lifting as a project in martial art test. Modern weight lifting started in the 18th century of Europe. Weight lifting is one of few project can enter Olympic project of the first Olympic Games. But there is no classification of the game, so all athletes are battle together. But the result depends on different ways of lifting such as lifting with one hand or both hands. Weight lifting held in this way until the third Olympic Games, since then weight lifting project temporary leaved suspended, Until 1920, weight lifting appear in the Olympic Games again, and from then weight lifting project is in every Olympic Games.

In recent decades, the pattern of world weightlifting have taken place a great changes. At the beginning of this century, Austria, Germany and France has very strong strength on weight lifting. Later, Egypt and the United States rise up. But after 1950, Soviet Samson occupied the world top level in thirty years, and the powerful challengers are from Bulgaria and other countries of eastern Europe. By the 90 s, China, Turkey, Greece and Iran repeatedly acquire excellent results. In the men's competition, Europe still have dominant, but Asian progress is very fast. In women’s competition, Asian is the most powerful in the world.

Since the first East Asian Gmes, weight lifting become a competition event in 1993.

Watching etiquette:

1. The audience should enter venue ahead of game start, and waiting for the game to start. Do not make a racket. To ensure the order of field, during the game, for example, organization cheer team, can wear uniforms, and make a expert person to charge of it.

2. When watching the game, the audience have pay attention to a big screen next or at the back of the lifting platform. It will display the athlete's nationality, name, weight, which attempt and the Olympic Games record and the world record, so that can fusion the athletes of emotions into the competition.

3. When judges point to the athlete's name can clap and shout the athlete’s name to improve the athlete's excitability.

4. When athlete hold on the barbell, the audience should keep quiet don’t yelling and clapping, to avoid effect the athlete play. Because at this moment the athletes are concentrate on adjust breathing and ready to attempt.

5. During watching the game, have to equally treat every athletes, in international competition, the attention should be paid to the international influence and national dignity, to show the other countries Chinese nation's self-esteem, self-respect and tolerant magnanimous. To be able to accept all kinds of possible results of the game, clap for the other athletes do not harm national dignity.

6. Should be polite to athletes, should understand the occasional mistakes of athletes, to encourage them. Do not throw anything on the spot, fling out or give vent to their dissatisfaction, to avoid the damage of athlete's self-esteem and self-confidence.

7. To support the work of referees. There are a lots of changing in the sports competition, unavoidably appears any wrong judgement, audience should not kick up a fuss to the judge.

8. To maintain public health, do not spit or throw rubbish.

Smoking is not allowed in the venue, mobile phone must be on vibration mode.

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