Bowling 2012-12-12 10:55

Project history and brief introduction

The history of bowling: Bowling is developed by ground ball. The original is bowl game. Modern bowling movement originated in the 3-4 century German "nine play column" the founder of the day in the church where the corridor skittle symbol pagan and evil, in order to get the striking to sin, disaster ward off evil spirits, to the 14th century 9 bottle system bowling game gradually developed into European folk sports activities. In the 17th century, Dutch immigrants 9 bottle system to America, during the 18 century to the 19th century American reformof 9 bottle system established 10 bottle system bowling, in 1875 the first association was established for bowling become regular sports laid the foundation. In 1895, The America Bowling Committee(ABC) was found in America, the Women America Bowling Committee(WABC) was found in 1916. The Youth America Bowling Committee(YABC) was found in 1935. So as to promote the popularization of the bowling and teach. The Federation Internationale des Quilleurs was found in Finland in 1952. The world has 9 bottle bowling association and world ten bottles of bowling association two branch organization. The 19th century bowling was introduced into China. At the beginning of the 19th century the end of the 20th century in Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin has a small amount of bowling alley. After the founding of new China Tianjin still retained the artificial pendulum bottle of fairway. National Sports Committee make ten bottles of system bowling as development of our country's sports. The Chinese Bowling Association was found on May 26, 1985. And then represent China's accession to the Asian and international bowling organization. China began to participate in the east Asia ten bottles of bowling championships in 1993. In 2004 (the 2nd east Asian games) China has gotten gold medal in men and women singles played.