Hockey 2012-12-12 10:55

Project history and brief introduction

Hockey this name originated in French, meaning the shepherd's rod. As the world's oldest sports, earlier 1200 years or more than the original Olympic Games.

The International Hockey Federation was founded in Paris by French-----Paul Leo Tai in Jan. 7, 1924 and as the first President. It’s the highest organization of world hockey abbreviation is FIH. The member state is Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, France, Switzerland and the former Czechoslovakia.

As women's field hockey movement in the rapid development all over the world, The international women's field hockey federation was founded in 1927, member state-owned Australia, Denmark, England, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, the United States and wales. In 1927, international women's field hockey federation was established. But the international women's field hockey federation and international hockey federation have been unable to obtain uniform, two organizations held their own international competition. Until 1982 two organizations merge in to one organization formally, set up a new international hockey federation, Headquartered in Brussels.

At the beginning of 2005, the international hockey federation moved in to Lausanne, which is new headquarters building build by Switzerland. For now the international hockey federation have more than 100 member states (including area), throughout the five continents of the world.

Hockey is one of sports that enter Olympic Game very earlier. In 1908, men hockey was listed in the fourth session of the London Olympic Games project, but in 1912 at Stockholm been ruled out. In 1920, hockey has come back on the Antwerp Olympic Game. In in the Paris games in 1924, Paris Olympic organizers use hockey has no unified international organizations as a reason to refuse accept. From 1928, the 9th Olympic Game of Amsterdam hockey becomes a permanent event. Women's field hockey officially classified as a Olympic event in 1980 the 22nd Moscow Olympic Game.

In 2005 the fourth session of the macau East Asian Games add hockey as a official event.

Watching etiquette:

1. Hockey carries out in China only 30 years of time, this sport still relatively new for Chinese audience. But more and more people love this game with the rise of China women's field hockey team.

2. Watch the hockey game, Advance enter the field and sit. Under the referee’s guide the athletes walk in the venue for held a flag-raising ceremony the audience should be standing and salute. During introduce referees and athletes the audience should give warm applause.

3. Hockey sport is a collective opposability project, need high demand various competitive ability of athletes. High game speed of offensive and defensive conversion, fierce against etc. of peculiarity. Offensive player all kinds of passings, Fast breaks, Diving pad shot and goalkeeper catch the ball etc. some of these wonderful scene can make audience feel pleasing. The audience can along with the attack and the change of rhythm to clapping or oil for athletes.

4. In a short corner and penalty, everybody should keep quiet, because the two free throws, the athletes must to hear the whistle from referee then can touch the ball. A success short corner depends on the cooperate of technology and tactics. High tension on both side, The noise may affect the communication between the team and play. Penalty is the battle of wits between goalkeeper and serve, keep quiet can make the athletes focused and play better.

During the game, smoking is not allowed in the venue, mobile phone must be on vibration mode.