Shooting 2012-12-12 10:55

Sports history and introduction

Shooting was originally a skill of surviving.At first people practiced shooting for hunting.But in 19th century later,with the progress of Industrial Revolution,the demand of shooting for searching food was gradually becoming a sport competition.This sport was popular in some English countries in early times,especially in England and the USA,also the skill of Ireland and South Africa were really high.The USA initially set up National Rifle Association in 1871 to meet the demand of shooting’s development in USA.Shooting was a game sport in most Olympics games except in 1904 and 1928.In the history of Olympics Shooting varied a lot,shooting included many items in 1908,1912,1920 and 1924.But having experienced the blank in 1928,shooting has only Pistol and Rifle in 1932,the shooting’s item setup was finally confirmed after the Second World War.

Women Athletes was firstly advised to participate in shooting in Mexico Olympics in 1968.There were only 2 women players from Peru and Poland respectively.Women sport were separately divided by National Shooting Union in 1984.

Women’s Shooting were increased in 1984,1988 and 1992 Olympics Games.But in either male and female took part in some sports,until in 1996 Olympics the Men’s sports and Women’s sports were divided.

In 2005,shooting was list as a formal competition game of East Asian Games.The 6th East Asian Games.The 6th East Asian Games will set up Men and Women’s 10m Air Rifle,10m Air Pistol’s Individual,and Teams.

Spectator Amenity

1、 Respect all the athletes without any racial and national discrimination.This is the most important point in watching shooting games.

2、 Go to appointed spectator areas.Must be seated according to the sports request to the appointed area.Do not go to the forbidden area avoid danger.

3、 Do not speak loudly and quarrel.Be quiet when athletes are in shooting in order to avoid distracting the attention of the athletes.

Interact with the games.Without the spectator’s applause the games feels lonely and can not show the charms of the sports.Therefore,when announcing the scores,once more than 10 rings,no matter where the athletes are from,spectator should give the most applause to the athletes.