Performance Art 2012-12-12 17:35

Beijing opera

Beijing opera has a history of more than 200 years, which can best represent Chinese nation and plays an important part in world art field. There’re beautiful and unique music for voice and dance in it, combined with Chinese kongfu. The refined tune pattern and traditional word pronunciation make the lines musical. The characters are divided into five categories-Sheng (male lead), Dan(female character type), Mo(middle-aged male actor), Jing(character with painted facial make-up) and Chou(clown character), according to the distinction between male and female, young and elder, pretty and ugly, just and evil. Besides, there’re astonishing patterns of make-up and splendid costumes and head wears. Often a costume is a rare art piece.

Talents in Beijing opera come forth in great number in Tianjin. There’re all kinds of characters and costumes in Tianjin Beijing Opera Theatre. Tianjin Youth Beijing Opera orgnization is highly acknowledged home and abroad with ots vital energy, solid foundation and refined art.


The exciting acrobatics performances are favored by audiences all over the world. Tianjin Acrobatics Organization is famous acrobatic group in China, which has won a great number of awards home and abroad because of their novelty and high techniques.

Kunqu Opera

Kunqu Opera has a history of 500 years, which inherited the literary traditions of Chinese classical poems, parallel prose and popular stories. It has a great number of repertoires that cover a wide scope and have lasted for centuries.

The music for voice in Kunqu opera rises and falls with elegance. There’re about 1,000 South and North tune names. The performance is refined with implicative dancing.