Sights of Binhai New Area 2012-12-12 17:35

Located at the Binhai New Area, a coastal area of east Tianjin, it’s rich in touring sites with unique touring products. It boasts special sightseeing spots, e.g., sea, port, gulf, fort, fishermen dock, Ancient Haimen Temple, Haihe Bund Park, Yanghuo Shichang and KIEV carrier, etc.

Recommended Routes:

1st day: Visit Binhai New Area Plan and Construction Exhibition Hall——Visit Airport Industrial Zone (Airbus A320 Final Assembly Line)——Visit Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (Industrialization Base of New Generation Launch Vehicle with Big Capacity)——Visit Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city

2nd day: Visit Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme ——Visit Dagukou Fort——Visit Tianjin International Shipping Dock

Haihe Bund Park:Built along the Haihe River, it’s a modern urban scenic sight incorporating leisure, entertainment, shopping and delicacies. It consists of fi ve parts, namely, cultural entertainment zone, commercial leisure zone, green scenic zone, hathpace scenic zone and fountain zone, in which the whole water scenic area is about 9,000 m2. The Oriental Princess Ship, parked along the bank, is a large leisure place incorporating restaurants, entertainments and touring, and can be titled as Star Water Hotel.

Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park: Located at the Bagua Beach, Han’gu District, it’s a military theme park taking Carrier KIEV as its major scene, integrating military national defense, modern science & technology and leisure & entertainment into one entity. The Carrier KIEV in the park is the carrier firstly prepared by the Carrier KIEV Level Aircraft Carrier of former Soviet, once a giant on the sea attracting worldwide attention. It’s 273.1 meters long, 52.8 meters wide and 61 meters tall, totally 17 storeys. By boarding on the carrier, tourists can visit its exhibiting zone, e.g. deck, weapon equipment, garage and torpedo cabin, etc., and fully enjoy the power of the giant on the sea of former days.

Caijiapu Seafood Street: Located at Caijiapu, Han‘gu District, Caijiapu Fishing Village, boasts over 200 fishing boats, the most in Tianjin. Row upon row of seafood restaurants stand along the whole Seafood Street. Various fish, shrimps, shellfish and crabs, prepared by traditional cooking techniques of fi shermen, leave visitors an enjoyable impression.

Beitang Sea Touring and Entertainment Area: Located at the north end of Tanggu District, it’s a model site of national agricultural touring. It’s one of the fi rst sights to initiate the special touring activity of Being Fishermen, Rowing on Boat, Touring on Sea, featuring many activities, such as picking up in the sea, sea touring, eating and living at fi shermen’s home, being one-day fi shermen and experiencing fishermen’s custom, etc.

Chengtougu Fishing Village: Located at the Sanjiaohu Lake, Han’gu District, it’s the fishing village nearest to sea in China. The name of the village came out at the same period with the name of Tianjin. Here tourists may tour on the sea by boat and cast net for fish; may live at fishermen’s home and observe sun rising in the morning, and walk on the beach. Fishing crabs in autumn will be a great fun and excitement.

Tianjin International Hot Spring Golf Club: Located at the Dongli Airport Industrial Center with about 20 minutes drive to Tianjin city proper and a fl oor area of 670,000 m2, it’s a membership golf course with international standard of 18 holes. It boasts 22 seats in the course. Each fairway is divided into tee mark, fairway, bunker, water hazard, etc. It’s equipped with auxiliary facilities, such as reception lobby, members club, China Guest Room, Japanese and Korean restaurants, open pub, fitness center, tennis court, shopping center and underground heat hot spring SPA, etc., providing an ideal place for golf fans for leisure and entertainment. The club is operated on a booking system. Team booking is one week in advance, and individuals can only book for periods other than holidays.

Mengzhuangyuan Winery Park: Located at Chadian Town, Han’gu District, it enjoys an established fame of Hometown of Rose Grape in China. It’s approved as a model site of national agricultural touring, with a fl oor area of about 20,000 m2. There are long grape corridors, grape picking zone, modern winery workshop, fi shing zone, wine culture museum, leisure villa, Chinese and western restaurants, etc. in the park.

Dagukou Fort: Located at the mouth of the Haihe River at Tanggu District, it was built in the late period of Ming Dynasty, and is a key national cultural protection unit. In modern history, foreign powers invaded Dagukou Fort four times. Now there are remains of three fort sites, named Wei, Zhen and Hai respectively. It is an important historical site witnessing Chinese fighting against foreign invaders in modern history.

It remains of three fort sites, named Wei, Zhen and Hai respectively. It is an important historical site witnessing Chinese fighting against foreign invaders in modern history.

National Museum of the Remains of Ancient Forest and Coastline: It is located at the core area of the Shell Bank of National Natural Protection Area of Tianjin Ancient Seaside and Swamp Area, Dagang District. Tianjin Ancient Shell Bank, together with American Louisiana Shell Bank and South American Suriname Shell Bank, are Top Three Famous Shell Banks in the world. The museum has a building area of 2,200 m2, with three storeys, i.e., 1st fl oor underground being section exhibition zone of ancient seaside site; 1st fl oor above ground being shell exhibition zone, presenting 500 plus varieties, 3600 plus kinds of shells rare around the world; 2nd fl oor above ground being scientifi c education zone.

Tianjin Pipe International Economic & Trading Corporation: Tianjin Pipe International Economic & Trading Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tianjin Pipe (Group) Corporation (TPCO). It enjoys independent corporate capacity and specializes in Imp.& Exp. Business and agent of various commodities and technology. Besides global marketing of TPCO’s products, procurement of raw materials, spare parts and equipments from abroad for TPCO, its business includes Sino-foreign cooperative production, processing raw materials on client’s samples, compensation trade, counter trade, sales of import products, mechanical equipment, metal materials and products, petrochemicals and equipment; freightage insurance, foreign labor service and foreign project contract.

Main export of Tianjin pipe International Economic &Trading Corporation are OCTG, line pipe, boiler tube, fluid transmission pipe, hydraulic supporting pipe, high pressure cylinder tube, structural pipe, slotted tube and other special pipes. Others exports products are stainless steel cold rolled coil, copper rod, color coating coil, stainless seamless and welded pipe, pipefittings, valve and equipment for oil extracting.

The export of the company has been growing steadily year-by-year from zero record since 1994. As one of Tianjin state-owned industrial enterprises, the company was listed as the No.1 enterprise of self-support foreign exchange earnings for several times and was honored many times as one of the top 50 exporters in Tianjin. It ranked 408th, 460th and 307th respectively in year 2003, 2004 and 2005 among the top 500 importers & exporters in China. The export reached 250,000 tons, value amounted US$ 260 million and total amount of export & import exceeded US$ 460 million. It is expected that the export value can be up to US$ 500 million.

TPCO has obtained the API Certificate, ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO14001 Environmental Management Certificate and OHSMS-18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certificate. TPCO has been granted certificates as qualified supplier successively by Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Qatar, India etc. state oil companies, as well as Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, Philips, Total etc. western oil companies, totaled more than 50 oil companies, its products are being exported to more than 80 countries and regions.

Qilihai Nature Reserve: Located at south of Jinlu Road, Ninghe County, it’s the only national natural protection area with ancient coastline and damp land at the same place. Its planned developing area is 178 km2, consisting of three ecological zones and six functional zones. Qilihai Ecological Amusement Park, now opening to the outside world, has a floor area of 126 Mu, integrating ecology, water nearing, touring and entertainment into one entity.

Guan'gang Forest Park: Located at northeast of Dagang District, it’s the only swampy forest park. The park takes forest as its core, assisted by water surface of 279 hectares, reed natural protection zone of 135 hectares and birds natural protection zone of 100 odd hectares. It’s an ideal place for tourists to have fun and relaxation.

Tianjin Holy Spring & Water Happy Valley: Located at Donglihu Lake Resort, there is an indoor SPA hot spring, the largest in Asia. An extra large sea amusement park is also developed, with various amusing items, e.g., surfi ng and drifting, etc. What’s more, over 200 deluxe suites, KTV, special restaurants and pubs, etc., are also available.

Donglihu Hot Spring Resort: Located to the north of Shanlingzi Village, Dongli District, Donglihu Hot Spring Resort has a fl oor area of 85 km2 and a lake area of 8 km2, 1.5 times the size of the famous West Lake in Hangzhou. It enjoys the fame of a “Junior Freshwater Sea” for its beautiful environment, such as rich fl owers and trees, green water and bright sky, soft breeze and broad water. The lake is rich in over 20 varieties of fi shes, such as whitebaits, turtles and river crabs. There are over 100,000 birds living here, which belong to dozens of breeds, including over a dozen national key protected birds like white swans, saunders’ gulls, and Anser albifrons. As the source of the geothermal belt in north China, this place is rich in geothermal resources. The geothermal water here contains various kinds of trace elements which are benefi tial to health, such as metasilicate, lithium, strontium, etc. The resort is well furnished with a wide range of facilities. On-water facilities include yachts, fast boats, pedal boats, etc.; the amusement court consists of a beach bathing fi eld, hot spring swimming pool, water skiing hall and hotel resort, etc. Tourists may enjoy a full package of services, ranging from meeting arrangements and accomodation to food and drinks, entertainment, and relaxation.

Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city:Located 15 km away from the core area of Binhai New Area, about 45 km to Tianjin city proper, it’s built by cooperation between China and Singapore, the first eco-city jointly built by the cooperation of two countries in the world. The eco-city utilizes the advanced experience of Singapore in its city planning, environment protection and eco-construction, advocating green living style to build a complete eco living system. It will become a model of energy-saving and environment-friendly eco-city with influence on the world and can be popularized, and will also become a new international eco-residential complex of New Binhai presenting special Tianjin geography and features of the times.

Tasly: Located at National High-tech Industrial Park of Beichen District, it’s a national industrial touring model place, integrating the exhibition of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese herbs, modern TCM preparation, special traditional medicinal meals, leisure and entertainment as well as meeting and conferences into one entity.

Yijuyong Spirits Culture Museum: Located at Ninghe Economic Development Area, it’s the first Wine Culture museum in Tianjin. It mainly has Principal Exhibition Hall, Rose Pub, Product Exhibition Hall, Herbs Painting Corridor and Old Advertisement Corridor, etc., showing the development histories of Tianjin wine culture and Yijuyong.

Dynasty: Located at 29 Jinwei Road, Beichen District, it’s a model place of national industrial touring. Dynasty builds a planting base of over 30,000 Mu for grape materials for internationally famous wines, featuring fi rst class grape wine manufacturing facilities and processes in the world. It turns out mainly three series, e.g., over 90 varieties of grape wines with diff erent styles, with a current capacity of 50,000 metric tons per year. The underground wine warehouse is about 5,000 m2, the largest of such and with the most advanced facilities till now. Tourists may learn about the manufacturing of Dynasty wine and the grape wine culture history, and also can learn wine tasting skills and knowledge on healthy diet.