Population & Administration
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Tianjin had a permanent population of 11.76 million residents and a registered population of 9.69 million at the end of 2008.

Tianjin consists of 15 districts and 3 counties. Municipal districts include Heping District, Hedong District, Hexi District, Nankai District, Hebei District,Hongqiao District;Binhai New Area includes Tanggu District, Han’gu District, Dagang District, TEDA, Tianjin Free Trade Zone, Tianjin Port and some parts of Dongli District, Jinnan District;The "region around city" are Xiqing District, Dongli District, Jinnan District ,Beichen District, Wuqing District, Baodi District.Municipal counties include Jinhai County, Ninghe County, Ji County.Since Nov.2009, Tanggu District, Han’gu District and Dagang District have been consolidated into Binhai New Area.

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