Foreign Relations 2012-12-12 17:35

30 more years ago, Tianjin took the first step in inter-city foreign relations in China— Tianjin and Kobe becoming friendly city pair, the first pair of such between China and other countries. Since then, Tianjin has broken records in foreign relations: granting first title of Honorable Citizen to foreign mayor, first incorporation of Japanese bar, first regular international ship for merchandises and passengers, first office of foreign bank, first exhibition hall for foreign products, first building of metabolic prevention and treatment center assisted by foreign government…

Till 2008, Tianjin has signed agreements with 67 cities (provinces, states or regions) from 43 nations on friendship city relationships, friendly ex-changes and cooperation. Among them, Tianjin has become a friendship city to 23 foreign cities, friendship and cooperative relations have also been established between 44 pairs of institutions and 594 pairs of grassroots units. With increased contacts with foreign countries, Tianjin relations with foreign countries have involved economy, trade, culture, science & technology, education, sports and public health, etc.. Tianjin Port has trade with over 180 countries and regions in the world. 27 -28 Sep. 2008 saw the successful convene of the second session of the Summer Davos Forum (World Economic Forum) annual meeting of the New Champions 2008 at Tianjin Binhai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, showing to the world again the achievements of Tianjin economic society development and the opening-up of Binhai New Area, which was also a global economic forum with the largest scale and highest level being held in China till then.