Touring Resources 2012-12-12 17:35

Tianjin features rich touring resources and varieties of scenic spots, with numbers natural resources like hills, rivers, lakes, seas and damp lands, etc., as well as humanistic resources, constituting the modern history and civilization in Tianjin, constituting the unique urban scenery which integrate the modern with the ancient, the west with the east. Since 1860, it had built and reserved foreign buildings with various foreign styles, especially the historical building complex represented by the Five Avenues and the Italian Style Area, all of which constitute the historical and cultural touring resources in modern Tianjin, Tianjin features simple and unsophisticated construction styles and strong commercial foundation represented by the Ancient Culture Street and the Peace Road, taking on a unique Jin style commercial culture. These also constitute the core touring brand of “Understanding Modern China Through Tianjin”.

The Haihe River, mother river of Tianjin, runs across urban area into Bohai Sea through Tanggu District. The bank of its upper stream of nearly 22 kilometers has formed a close-water unique touring line and sightseeing spot till 2008, there are more than 20 bridges totally on the river, each incorporating various cultural factors. As a coastal city, Tianjin coastal area features numbers unique sights, e.g., sea, gulf, emplacements, fishing docks, Haimen Ancient Temple, Haihe River Seaside Park, Tanggu Foreign Goods Market, Carrier KIEV and Oriental Princess Ship, etc..

The Jixian County in north Tianjin suburb is a green touring spot for sightseeing, recreation and leisure, featuring various sightseeing spots, such as the Panshan Mountain, a national key touring sights titled the First Mountain in the east of Beijing, Huangya Gate Great Wall, listed in the World Heritage Relics. At Qilihai of the Ninghe County, Tianjin, the national natural protective area of ancient coastline and damp land are attracting numbers tourists .

Tianjin features also unique folk touring culture resources. The Residence of the Shi Family is one of the civil building complexes with the best preservation and the largest scale of Qing Dynasty in north China so far. The ancient town, Yangliuqing Town is one of the Four Known Towns of China.