Urban Planning and Construction
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With a view to long-term development, Tianjin has made great efforts to improve its spatial layout and enhance its urban functions, implemented the spatial development strategy of two cities and two ports, face-to-face expansion, one axis and two belts, and ecological regions in the north and south. Two cities refer to the central urban area and the core area of Binhai New Area, which are the kernel carriers of the urban functions of Tianjin. In the central urban area, the urban functions are to be enhanced whereas the spatial structure is optimized, modern service industry is developed and historical and cultural heritage retained. The core of Binhai New Area, however, is to become a new pole of economic growth that serves and promotes regional development by attracting advanced production elements and upgrading urban functions.

The main part of Tianjin Cultural Center has been completed, and its supportive projects have been launched. The center will be open to the public before May 2012. As the largest comprehensive cultural service facility in Tianjin, the cultural center will become an urban hall that demonstrates the profound cultural heritage of the city, which is significant for the improvement of the urban functions and the acceleration of cultural construction. Smooth progress has been made in the construction of

Xiangluowan Business Dist. and Yujiapu Financial Area, the largest and most vigorous international business concentration areas in Tianjin or even the Bohai-rim Region, the indicative areas of the development and opening of Binhai New Area. Jinmen and Jinta, two important service industry projects in Tianjin, have been put in operation. The pit support project for Edifice 117, a core structure of Gaohai Yintai CBD in Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area has been completed. With a design height of 600 meters, Edifice 117 embodies such functions as top-class store, office building, hotel and business apartment. Once completed, it will remarkably promote the development of high-end service industry in Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area.

By 2015, the urbanization level in Tianjin will reach 90%. The urban functions will be dramatically enhanced, and radical changes will take place in both the urban and the rural areas. A unique pattern of international modern livable city will take shape then.

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