Volunteers’ meticulous services ensure the perfection of dragon boat competition, showing today’s youth’s spirituality
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On October 13th, 2013, the dragon boat competition of the 6th East Asian Games will be held at Tianjin Water Park where athletes and coaches from all countries and regions will gather together. There is a saying in China, “Food and fodder should go ahead of troops and horses”. Service is the priority among priorities. As the main characters of service, volunteers have already assembled to make preparations for the competition.

Talking about the games, volunteers said, “We didn’t have a chance to get a close touch with the East Asian Games yet because dragon boat competitions kick off later. We all applied to be volunteers ourselves. Seeing other volunteers busy working for the games, we felt kind of jealous of them, wishing we could participate in the games as sooner as possible. Now the time comes. We finally could do something for the games.”

Hao Jinyu, a mobile personnel for the dragon boat competitions, continued, “My job is more flexible. I follow the head teacher to offer assistance everywhere, and now I’m here. I spent the last couple of days building a framework which is over 60 meters tall. At first, it turned out to be unsatisfactory, so I and other volunteers moved the framework 10 meters. Parents worry about me working too hard, because I have never done this before, but I looked at it as a kind of physical training. Later I will be helping with the closing ceremony. I expect something mobile more challenging. “

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