Liu Chun: Etiquette waiters, a beautiful landscape at venues of the East Asian Games 2013-10-14 18:19

Since the opening of the 6th East Asian Games, wonderful moments arise in and out of venues. Besides athletes and volunteers, there is another group of people drawing people’s attention. They are etiquette waiters. Every time they show up at each medal presentation ceremony, their pretty look and graceful disposition grab the attention of audience. Our reporter interviewed an etiquette waiter working at Tianjin Natatorium whose name is Liu Chun for her to talk about her volunteer life.

Liu Chun’s job won’t begin until October 11th, however, her training started since August. Liu Chun said, “I was trained every day from 9am to 5pm, standing, walking and smiling. It was a really exhausting training.” Faced with such a tough training, Liu Chun never complained. She said, “We show up on the stage for only about ten minutes, but we have to wait for hours before that. For example, if the medal presentation ceremony is at 6pm, we have to arrive at the venue by 9am to get ready. However, it feels very worthwhile when we step on the red carpet.”

This is the first time Tianjin hosts such a large-scale international multi-sport event. As a Tianjinese, Liu Chun said, “I feel really happy that Tianjin hosts the games, and excited that I can get involved. Such a grand event will trigger people’s enthusiasm for sport, make people attach more importance to physical training; meanwhile, the event is good for the city’s development and the publicity of traditional culture of Tianjin.”

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