Chinese guide displays the graceful bearing of Tianjin girls at the opening ceremony 2013-10-14 18:20

At the simple but brilliant opening ceremony of the 6th East Asian Games, Liu Chang, the pretty Tianjin girl who guided the Chinese delegation impressed both domestic and foreign guests. When people learned that Liu Chang was having a fever, they couldn’t help applauding her. As the games go on, Liu Chang has appeared at many venues as an etiquette waiter, serving the games with her passion and dedication. Recalling the unforgettable experience on the opening ceremony, Liu Chang said, “My teacher told me to take a rest, but I had been trained for such a long time, and I worked so hard with the team. That’s why I stayed. I was afraid I might make some mistake, so I got myself familiar with the route before the ceremony. I told myself to remain alert, because I didn’t want to bring shame to the team, nor to Tianjin youth.”

As the games proceed, Liu Chang continues her work at the bowling competition venue as an etiquette waiter with standard gestures and sweet smiles. She said, “My job is guiding those medal presentation guests. I am glad to witness athletes from different countries and regions create exciting moments. I will try my best to contribute with my teammates to the success of the East Asian Games.”

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