The 6th East Asian Games conclude successfully, Tianjin fulfills its promise wonderfully 2013-10-21 11:09

On the evening of October 15, the 6th East Asian Games came to an end in Tianjin. The high-level featured sports event has put together athletes from nine participating countries and regions. During these days, they played hard and achieved good results in the competition field and fostered friendship and appreciated beautiful Tianjin off the field. Tianjin has impressed each guest coming to the Games with a wonderful memory.

During the four years of preparations, the 6th East Asian Games Organizing Committee Executive Board advanced all organizing tasks carefully towards this goal. On the whole, the Games’ principal competition work went smoothly, efficiently and orderly. The assurance work was organized and arranged carefully, rigorously and robustly. The Games’ broadcasting work gained strong support from media friends, who provided sufficient promotion and report, expanding the Games’ influence. The opening ceremony was simplified but not simple, and the closing ceremony is novel and meaningful. The Games went smoothly on the whole. Under concerted efforts in all efforts, the 6th East Asian Games carefully practiced the concept of “Share Happiness, Create Splendour” and came to a complete success, realizing the expected goal.

In recent years, Tianjin has closely seized the historic opportunity of Binhai New Area opening up being incorporated into the national overall development strategy to accelerated construction of international port city, north economic center and ecological city. Its citizens love sports and have an ever higher desire for Tianjin to host a high-level international competition event, while the successful hosting of the 6th East Asian Games in Tianjin has perfectly satisfied their desire.

The 6th East Asian Games has closed, but the splendor left by Tianjin to people of East Asian countries and regions will never come to an end. The 6th East Asian Games will build a bridge of friendship between Tianjin and its guests and will become a good memory in the hearts of Tianjin citizens.

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