The best East Asian Games perfectly displays Tianjin’s charms 2013-10-21 11:26

On October 15, the 6th East Asian Games, also the last East Asian Games, rounded off in Tianjin. The 10-day event has left an unforgettable memory to Tianjin and its people. The city’s charms and people’s warm heart also come into display before the people all over the world through the great event.

Hosting economical games, benefiting people with low prices

On October 6, the 6th East Asian Games Opening Ceremony was wonderfully held in Tianjin Sports Center. Without big occasion, big stars or even flaming sacred torch, but you could see the sincerity of Tianjin hoping for the return of the East Asian Games to sports.

Besides hosting games economically, another bright spot of the Games is benefiting people with low price tickets. In order to allow more people to enter venues for watching high-level competitions, and to let Tianjin citizens enjoy the Games, among tickets for the Games which were sold to the public, 85% were middle and low prices which were less than RMB 100.

Wonderful games, victorious Tianjin

Though there were no big stars participating in the Games, this did not reduce the wonderfulness of the Games. Ye Shiwen, Zhang Peimeng, Ai Fukuhara and other athlete stars were focuses of the Games, and each of their moves attracted much attention.

The Chinese delegation to the East Asian Games has 42 Tianjin athletes, including famous athletes Hao Shuai, Yu Mengmeng and Chen Jianxin. They have satisfied expectations of Tianjin people by successively wining many gold medals.

Perfect conclusion, wonderful recognition

In the 10-day games, while athletes staged wonderful competitions, guests from afar also felt city charms of Tianjin and hospitality of the citizens.

Reflection after the Games

The 6th East Asian Games have drawn to an end, and have left Tianjin with precious treasures. Through hosting the Games, Tianjin’s ability to host games have comprehensively improved. Thousands of people participating in preparation for the Games received training not only accumulate experience for hosting large-scale events in the future but also build talent reserve for other professions. Besides, the Games also have attracted popularity for the city’s sports development and advanced the development of population health building.

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