A Guide to 2005 Vanke World Water Ski Championships

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Welcome to 2005 Vanke World Water Ski Championships. For the sake of your convenience, please read the following parts carefully.

1.Accommodation and Transport

• Dongli Lake Vanke International Water Sports Park Main Building (for short: Main Building) is the control center (the office of IWSF and organizing committee), locating beside the Competition Site.

• Most of the delegations stay at Tian Quan Hotspring Hotel and Dongli Holiday Village. The Golden Crown Hotel is for few delegations and the officials of IWSF. Please refer to the bulletin placed at the lobby for more details.

• Appointed hotels:

1.3.1 The official hotel is the Golden Crown Hotel, a 5 star hotel downtown area (45 minutes from the site). Lunch need booking in other two hotels (one day in advance). Relatives of the officials will charge 50$/day/person.

Hotel details are as follows:

Single room : USD 120.00 per day and person

Double or king size room : USD 170.00 per day for 2 persons

Linkman: Li Wanqi Tel: 13802134312

1.3.2 Tian Quan Hotspring Hotel (3 star, 100m to the site)

Double room: 65USD/per day/per person (two persons share a room)

Single room: 85USD/per day/ per person

Linkman: Chen Jing Tel: 13011313680

1.3.3 Dongli Holiday Village (3 star, 200m to the site)

Double room: 70USD/per day/per person (two persons share a room)

Single room: 90USD/per day/ per person

Triple room: 55USD/per day/per person (three persons share a room)

Linkman: Chou Shujun Tel: 13821060771


1) All above are packaged payments (subject to a sum of banking commissions 4.5% if paid by credit card ? MasterCard and Visa are accepted), including:Board and lodging 3 buffet meals a day;Daily transportation. Site ? downtown hotels

2)Please register the persons and exact time that the shuttle bus tomorrow you will take before 22:30PM.

• Accreditation& Fees: It is placed at the lobby

of Tian Quan Hotspring Hotel, where you register, receive cards souvenir shirt,and pay the charges of related procedures.

2.Result& Notice Center

Result& Notice Center is placed at 1 st floor of the Main Building, publicizing the results and notice to IWSF, organizing committee, teams, media and related departments. It works from August 12. Every team has a box that the daily results will be put in. Please get it in time, or require the volunteers to contact with the organizing committee.

Working Hours: 7:00AM---18:00PM

3.Welcome Banquet, Opening Ceremony

& Final Night Banquet

• The Welcome Banquet will be held on August 14 th , 20:00PM, at the Banquet Hall on the 2 nd floor of Tianjin Sports Hotel. We are looking forward to the presence of IWSF Executive Board, judges, spouses and towboat merchants.

• The opening ceremony (LIVE) will be held at

19:30PM on August 15 th .All the athletes who attend the ceremony (one or two for each team) will gather behind the Tribune (find your own nation's board) at 19:15PM, wearing the sport suits. The Tribune and VIP Area are allowed inside for your invitation.

• The final night banquet will be held at International Banquet Hall in Tianjin Grand Hotel on19:00PM August 21. All team members as per IWSF rules, members of the Jury, Executive Board and World Tournament Council are invited to the final night banquet. The organizing committee will provide the cars.

4.Notice for Athletes

4. 1 Awarding ceremony will be held within 10 minutes after every final. The winners will wait in the front of Main Building.

4.2 The changerooms and all the equipment rooms are in the first floor of Main Building

4.3 Checking time: 30 minutes before competition

4.4.1 The competition lake will be available for training sessions with Correct Craft 2003 boats from July 15 to August 11. Cost per hour is USD 120.00.

4.4.2 The lake will be closed for all participating athletes on August 12 and 13.

4.4.3 As decided by the World Tournament Council there will be official practice on August 14 and 15. The Chief Judge will arrange practice time for each team. Practice fee is 5USD per 5minutes and person.

4.5 The competitions from 16 th to 19 th , August, start from 07:00AM.

The competitions from 20 th to 21 st , August, start from 09:00AM and 08:00AM respectively.

4.6 Please refer to the Programme for more details.

5. Schedule of Meetings

The Meeting of the IWSF Bureau will be held on 10:00AM August 15 th in Conference Room, the 4 th floor of Tianjin Golden Crown Hotel

• The Meeting of the World Tournament Council will

be held on 08:00AM August 15 th in Conference Room , 4 th floor of Tianjin Golden Crown Hotel

• The Team captains meeting will be held on 16:00PM August 15 th on the 3 rd floor of Main Building, Media Centre.

• The Jury meeting will be held on 17:00PM August

15 th on the 3 rd floor of Main Building, Media Centre.

5.5 The Meeting of the Executive Board will be will held on 09:00AM August 15 th , 16 th in Conference Room , 4 th floor of Golden Crown Hotel

5.6 The IWSF World Congress will be will held on15 : 00PM August 18 th in Conference Room , the 2 nd floor of Tianjin Dongli-Holiday Village

5.7 IWSF Hall of Fame I nductions will be will held on 19 : 00PM August 18 th on the 3 rd floor of Main Building, Media Centre.

6. Medical Care& Emergency

6.1 If you need medical care:

6.1.1 Competition Site first-aid station: the first floor of Main Building

Link man: Lu Runpeng Tel: 13820601770

6.1.2 If you need medical care in hotel:

Golden Crown Hotel link man: Li Wanqi

Tel: 13802134312

Dongli-HolidayVillag link man: Chou Shujun

Tel: 13022202038

Tianquan Hotspring Hotel link man: Chen Jing

Tel: 13011313680

• Participants will be financially responsible for all the medical services in cash

• Tele-communications

Fire: 119

Alarm: 110

Beijing area: 010

Tianjin area: 022

Fist-aid: 120

Number Inquiry Station: 114

7. Notice for Journalists

The press conference will be held at 15:30PM on August 14 th in Media Centre, 3 rd floor of Main Building

• Accommodation: Tianjin Sport Hotel

• The Media Center will be placed at 3 rd floor of

Main Building.

• Lunch at Media Center

• Shuttle Bus

7.4.1 Route : 1) Tianjin Sports Bureau桾ianjin Sports Hotel桟ompetition site

2) Competition site?Tianjin Sports Hotel桾ianjin Sports Bureau

7.4.2 Please gather at: 1)Tianjin Sports Bureau, Tianjin Sports Hotel

2)Media Center

7.4.3 Departing Time










• Half an hours after the daily event

7.5 Media link man: Meng Xiandong Tel :1300136612

8.Information Service

8.1 If you need Express Mail Service, you can get through by calling 11185, then press the Button 1.

8.2 The organizing committee will arrange a travel agency for participants, if you need, please dial the number below:

Tel: (022)28201811 Fax: (022)29201849

8.3 You can go shopping on the Old Culture Street, Golden Street, and in Friendship Store, Food Street, and Home World Supermarket.

8.4You can exchange currency at any banks in downtown.

9.ID Cards

Areas ID Cards













VIP Area








VIP Room




Competition Site









Jury Tower





Media Center





Result& Notice Center









Office Area






10.Sketch Map of Hotel and Competition Site