2005 Vanke World Water Ski Championships Commercial Program

    2005 Vnake World Water Ski Championships which is co-organized by Tianjin City government and State Sport General Administration in China will be held from August 15 to 21 at the Vanke International Aquatic Park in Dongli Lake, Tianjin. More than 200 top level professional skiers from over 50 countries and regions will come to participate in the above championships in Tianjin.

    During the 2005 Vanke World Water Ski Championships, the Organizing Committee will stage an international water ski equipment exhibition and will invite bidding for the advertisements of the competition course.

    The following is the information about the exhibition:

    • International Water ski Equipments Exhibition

    Time: August 14 to August 21

    Place: International Aquatic Park, Vanke Dongli Lake, Tianjin

    Booth: international standard booth ( 3x3=9 square)

    Allocations: electricity , 2 chairs, 1 table

    3500 US dollars for 7 days renting of each booth

    • Advertising Boards on the competition course

    Time for exhibiting advertising boards : August 14 to August 21

    Place for exhibiting advertising boards : Around water ski competition course in International Aquatic Park, Vanke Dongli Lake, Tianjin

    Measurement of the advertising board : 1 meter x 6 meters=6 square meters

    5000 US dollars for each advertising board.

    The Organizing Committee will provide board and its manufacture

    Invitation for bidding office:

    Add: Room 1805, Tianjin Daily Mansion,No.873, Dagu South Road, Hexi Zone, Tianjin City, China

    Post No.300211

    Telephone: +86-22-28201811

    Fax : +86-22-28201849

    Email: caihua3000@yahoo.com.cn