Introduction of Group

    Founded in May 1984, real estate as the main business, Vanke Business Co .Ltd is one of the earliest companies that enter the market openly in mainland China. In 1988, Vanke entered into the field of real estate. Then in 1992, the multitude housing development was formally identified as the chief business. Till 2004, Vanke had preceded the housing development in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing, Changchun, Nanchang, Foshan, Anshan, Dalian, Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Wuxi, Kunshan and Huizhou. Now, Vanke’s business has expanded into 19 big and medium-sized cities, and Vanke has identified the development tactic that Zhujiang Delta, Changjiang Delta and Bohai Bay area as the core of the 3 areas city development and other areas’ central cities development. Rely on consistent originality and advantages in the specialty development, Vanke established the housing brand, and gave the investors a stably increasing profit.

Brief introduction of Tianjin Branch

    Tianjin Vanke Real Estate Co. Ltd which was founded in August 1992 is the whole capital subsidiary company of Vanke Business Co .Ltd which was one of the earliest companies coming into the market in China. The main business of the company is real estate development, property management and property operation. In Tianjin, Vanke has successively developed Vanke City Garden project, Vanke Big City Garden project and large-scale suburbs housing—Vanke Garden New Town project. Vanke Crystal City project is the large-scale and high quality living area which was developed by Tianjin Vanke Real Estate in 2003. It is located in Tianjin southern area, east bank of Weijin River in Meijiangnan Area, the measure of area is nearly 670 acreages, and the measure of building is about 400 thousand square meters. The first period of Vanke Dongli Lake project was went to operation in 2004, this project will become to the biggest zoology living area in Northern Area or even in the whole country, its development has pushed forward the economic development in nearby areas. Xiqing Holiday Scene project will construct an outer suburbs city zoology comfortable-living area which reflects the new city principle that was proposed by Vanke. The first period is planed go to the opening quotation in August.

    In the process of the project development, Tianjin Vanke Real Estate Co. Ltd emphasizes on the combination of specialty and originality concept. Rely on the specialized recourses of Vanke Real Estate, bring in the advanced development concept inboard and outboard, Vanke creates the quintessence of real estate consistently. “Create Limitless Life” is Vanke’s brand slogan. Offering the customers an ideal life to show selfhood is Vanke’s opinion.

Introduction of Dongli Lake Project

    Dongli Lake project is located in Dongli Lake Holiday Village which is in the southern part of Tianjin. It’s located in the middle site between Tianjin city area and Binhai New Area, This place is not only the suburbs of Tianjin, but also belongs to Binhai New Area. Dongli Lake is one of ten tourist landscapes resorts which is authorized by Tianjin government and one of two water resources landscapes resorts which is authorized by Ministry of Water Resources P.R. China. The orientation of area development use sport and zoology as the two themes. Sport theme is supported by a group of water, land and indoors sport installations. Zoology theme will be supported by zoology landscape and the application of a series zoolgy technology.

    In August 2002, “ The First Vanke World Undergraduates Water Skiing Championship “was hold in the field of Dongli Lake project successfully. More than 20 countries took part in the championship. The excellent preparation and organization of the sponsor which contained Vanke, Tianjin government, Country Water Sport Center and Dongli District government gained a high appreciation from the International Water Skiing Union. And the installations- water skiing field and water skiing building which offered by Vanke was also gained “No.1”. In September 2003, the International Water Skiing Union authorized the application of holding “2005 World water skiing championship” which submitted by Vanke and Tianjin government once again. Now, the preparation is in operation. In August 2005, Dongli Lake will welcome the skilled water skiing athletes from the world once again.