Greetings from Liu Peng  2005-08-11 16:36

Since the 2002 IWSF University World Championships was successfully held in Tianjin, we also welcome the world highest level and largest scale----World Water Ski Championships to be held at Dongli Lake,Tianjin.

I would like ,on behalf of the General Administration of Sport and Chinese Olympic Committee ,to warmly welcome the skiers, coaches, judges, officials, staffs and guests of IWSF to China. I would also like to thank the Tianjin municipal people’s government and the people of Tianjin for their concern and support.

Water Skiing, a sport featuring skills , excitement and entertainment is popular throughout the world. The members of the family of the World Ski gather the important city of China---Tianjin, to learn from each other and to display their great talents. Meanwhile this competition is in favor of the friends of various countries and areas to understand China and Tianjin. It will not only strengthen the friendship and unity among the people all over the world but also give more publicity to water ski in China.

I hope that all skiers will achieve victory, wish you all a pleasant stay in China and a full success of the competition.



Mr.Liu Peng

Director of General Administration of Sport

President of Chinese Olympic Committee

From:北方网 Editor:Zhang Jialu