Five Preliminary Rounds Held on Aug 17th  2005-08-17 23:59

On Aug 17th, there have been five preliminary rounds which were held, including preliminaries trick men 4/3, preliminaries trick women 4/3, preliminaries slalom men 4/3, preliminaries jump men 5/4/3 and preliminaries jump women 4/3. In today’s competition, Chinese athletes gave good performances. Tricks are the most powerful event for Chinese Team. Longfei Shi toppled the stars with a great third place score of 4600 points in the Preliminaries Trick Men 4/3. Yufei Song tied for fourth place with the score of 4050 points in the preliminaries trick women 4/3. These two rounds were forced to hold in today’s morning because of the heavy rain of yesterday. In the three preliminaries rounds, there are no Chinese athletes.

Following three days of 34C / 98F temperatures, the forecasters predicted some rain on 16th. As the competition heading on, the weather forecasters looked more and more accurate - with stronger gusty side winds and rain on the horizon. Because of the heavy rain, preliminaries trick men 4/3 and preliminaries trick women 4/3 had to be held on 17th morning. Longfei Shi (CHN) toppled the stars with a great third place score of 4600 points in the Preliminaries Trick Men 4/3.Another Chinese Athlete Zhihui Zheng didn’t do very well. He just got the last position of 14 athletes in this round with the score of 780.Fortamps Jean Christophe (BEL) caught the headlines with a score of 5710 points. Siegert Esteban (COL) got the second place with a score of 4940 points.The Preliminaries Trick Women 4/3 was also excited. Metcalfe Jaime (NZE) was in the lead with a score of 4650. Llewellyn Britta Grebe (AUT) tied for second place. A score of 4360 gives the third place for Truelove Karen from USA. Chinese athlete Yufei Song and Miranda Tiare from Chile both tied for third place with the score of 4050 points. Another athlete from China, Hui Jang, got the rank of 8 in this preliminary round.

In the afternoon, preliminaries slalom men 4/3 came first. The whole level of this round is higher than the preliminaries slalom men 6/5. Stadlbaur Clint (BEL) got the first place currently.

Two athletes, Lamadrid Alejandro (MEX) and Uribe Sergio (COL) both tied for first place of preliminaries jump men 5/4/3 with score of 45,5m. Kim Dongha from Korea got the third place with score of 42,7m. As for the preliminaries jump women 4/3, rank first was occupied by Mcclintock Whitney (CAN) with score of 45,0m. Pavlova Olga (BLR) and Wagner Breanne (CAN) took the second place and the third place respectively.

On Aug 18th, preliminaries slalom women 2/1 and preliminaries slalom men 2/1 will be opened.

From:北方网 Editor:Zhang Jialu