Meeting with Caption of Great Britain  2005-08-18 22:43
Journalist from Enorth Interview Caption of GBR

Aug 18th is the third day for the 2005 WWSC. Today is sunny, with soft wind. Different climate gave a different feeling for people. We may feel comfortable in such a weather condition. Under such weather condition, the preliminaries slalom women 2/1 opened. Journalist from enorth came to the competing field to see this competition. A foreigner who sat near the lake was taking photos for a Chinese girl. I think he may be interested in photographing. So I intended to interview him. From chatting, I know that he is the caption of Great Britain Water Ski Team. We talked about the condition of Dongli Lake for water skiing. He said that the condition is very good to open water ski championship and people here are very kindly. As for the climate, he considered that today’s weather condition with soft wind is suitable for the water skiing. He is satisfied with the arrangement of Dongli Lake.

Photographing for a Tianjin Girl

In today’s competition, athletes from Great Britain were going to give their performances. So I talked about the Great Britain Team with him. Caption said,” in last 2003 World Water Ski Championship, Great Britain Team got the third rank. Sometimes the rank for us is five. I hope that this time we can get good results!” At last he also wished that the world cup water ski Championship and next International World Water Ski Championship can hold in Tianjin again.

Come on!Come on!
From:北方网 Editor:Zhang Jialu