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William Happy to Achieve Gold Medal  2005-08-21 08:37

Four gold medals of 2005 WWSC will come out on Aug 20th. Final Slalom Men came first. William Asher from Great Britain took the slalom title with a score of 3 buoys on the 10.25m line. On the press conference after ending the final slalom men, William expressed his happiness for achieving the gold medal.

Des, Chairman Marketing and Media Committee; John Wood, team official of United Kingdom; and William Asher, champion of final slalom men put on a press conference in the ET tower (News Center) after ending the final slalom men. William said,” I am very happy to participate in this championship in China. For my performances in final round, I am satisfied with it. For the future, I will train more hard to break the world record. Becoming a world championship is my dream. Today the dream come true. I am very happy." William's uncle also is a famous water skiier who has participated in many world champioshiops. At last, William thanked for the support of his family, especially for his uncle who has helped more with his water skiing.He said,"Thanks for China!"

On the press conference, Jone wood, team official of United Kingdom said that in order to prepare for the 2005 WWSC they have made a 5 years training plan. Achieving such a good result in this championship the training plan is very singnificant. Finally, Wood expressed his satisfaction to the preparing committee of 2005 WWSC. He said,"We believe that 2008 Olympic in Beijing will be successful!"

From: 北方网 Editor:Zhang Jialu