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Press Conference: Successful 2005 WWSC  2005-08-21 23:00

After the awarding ceremony for Jump Women and Jump Men, a press conference was held in ET Tower on Aug 21st. Xie Delong, Vice Director of Tianjin Sports Bureau; Wei Di, Director of Water Sports Administration Center of General Administration of Sport; Des, Chairman Marketing and Media Committee and Kuno, IWSF President have attended the press conference.

On conference, Xie Delong has concluded the 2005 WWSC. This championship held successful because the hard work of Tianjin, Dongli Government. He said:”Thanks for Kuno. Thanks for the sponsorship of Vanke Group. Thanks for the encouragement of all the spectators.”

Then Des praised that every winners of 2005 WWSC have given their impeccable performances. He gave comments on every gold medal holder of this championship. For example, in slalom Regina (USA) took the title. She is a younger athlete. She’s just 21 years old. Des said:”we think this prize was remembered for her rest of life.” In Men slalom, there was a piece of magic, William Asher from Great Britain. After he caught the headline, BBC has reported this news immediately. Mandy Nightingale was crowned the women tricks. Besides these, Des also talked about the media for this championship. He said that they have sent news to 192 nations and regions. By such report, more nations and people will know more about china, especially for Tianjin. Finally, Des thanked for Dongli Lake and Chinese Water Ski Association who have given hard work to ensure a successful championship.

Kuno, IWSF President also expressed his happiness for holding such a successful 2005 world water ski championship. He said,” Remembering the several days, I can only say that 2005 WWSC is one of the most successful championships. Thanks for Vanke Group which sponsor the championship. Thanks for the Medias. I hope that we can come back to Tianjin to hold more international events.”

At last, Wei Di, Director of Water Sports Administration Center of General Administration of Sport concluded that after 43th World Table Tennis Championship and 99 Tianjin World Gymnastic Championship ,2005 WWSC is the third international events held in Tianjin. Great efforts were given to the successful Championship. Comparing to Amerca and Britain, Chinese team have a long way to go to improve their levels. Finally, he said: ”Thanks for the great support from Tianjin government and the sponsorship of Vanke. Hope for another international event held in China! ”

From: 北方网 Editor:Zhang Jialu