A man-made Lake: Dong Li Lake
I. Brief Introduction
Creating a healthy and wonderful life is the purpose of Vanke. Every staff in Vanke hope that they can make a comfortable habitat for the owners. Under such threoies, the Dong Li Lake Project which developed by Vanke Co. Ltd included a 100000 acreages man-made lake which can provide a water ski circuit. In this place, the International University Student Water Ski Championship which is held four years one time will be started. Staying at home, owners can feel about the exciting atmosphere of Intenational Championship and appreciate the super level competition.

Besides Water Ski Championship, owners who live in this community every day can also feel about the influence on living condition which is brought from the man-made water ski lake. Every owner can take part in this water envoirment because of this kind of design.They can get the feelings about the water atmosphere. Also they can boat on this lake to appreciate the wonderful feeling!

The range of manmade lake

II. Data of lake
The total measure of the water ski champion arena is 100 thousand square meters. The length is nearly 700 meters and the width is 80 meters. A man-made jumping area whose length is 100 meters located in it. There are two original islands that echo each other at a distance. The competition dock is about 850 square meters, for berth boats in the water skiing competition; near the dock, there has racing boat slope in the single side, about 500 square meters, for embarking and disembarking; rostrum and bleachers all located in the Binhu Park which in the north side of the competition arena, rostrum is about 600 square meters, bleachers which near the 2 side of rostrum is about 800 square meters.

III. Water quality preservation
i. permeating water channel
Permeating water channels located in the south side of the first period project, 9000 square meters. In both east and west side have upcomer and downcomer, the upcomers receive the water that clarified by the manmade damp field, then the clarified water flow into the downcomers autumnally. At last, the clarified water will back to the competition arena by these channels.

Photo of permeating water channels

ii. Using of the Rainwater
Because of the exploitation and depredation of the natural resources by human people, more and more natural resources have decreased rapidly. As one of the essential natural resources for human, water resource is facing a serious risk. Tianjin is a serious water-lack city in China, how to save our water resources more effectively is the problem that we must to face together. For saving water resources more effectively, Dongli Lake project have thought the exploitation of rainwater in the beginning of project design.

Rainwater storage in the villas. In each villa, we have the storage facilities to collect rainwater that drop onto the house surface. The storied rainwater is used to water the grass field of the villa.

Rainwater channel collection in the project. In the project, we designed rainwater channels to made the rain flow into the water system of living area to renew the water of damp field and water landscape, these channels also have landscape green effect. Only if the especially big rainstorm needed to be drainage into the rain channel which out of living area by drainage channel, the rainwater in the living area will be no drainage in the regular years. It will save a great deal of landscape water and green field irrigation water.

Purpose of rainwater exploitation
Purpose of rainwater channel cross-section
Photo of the rainwater channel cross-section

iii. Manmade damp field
Manmade damp field system water-clarified technology is organism dealing method. Its basic theorem is as follows: Grow special damp field plants in the special filling materials to create a manmade damp field ecosystem. When the polluted water flow through the system, the polluted substance and nutrition substance will be absorbed or decomposed by the system. By this way, the water is clarified.

The course of manmade damp field water-clarify contains physics subsiding, root system interception, chemistry precipitation, soil and roots absorbing, microbe metabolism and so on. And microbe takes the main effect.

The main effect of Dongli Lake manmade damp field system is to clarify the water of water skiing competition arena. Because of the organism dealing capability of the damp field, the water in the manmade lake of water skiing competition arena can be use in circles. The water circulation not only save the supply water, but also bring us beautiful water landscape.

And because the damp field system is created by reed, cattail, calamus, 千屈菜, cannas and other aquatic plants, the damp field have s different landscape. The damp field ecosystem creates a damp field park and offers the proprietors an excellent place to travel.

Photo of manmade damp field purpose
Photo of manmade damp field planting purpose

IV. Landscape design of the embankment vicinity
i. Metasequoia Square
The Square is located in the east side of water skiing building, 200 meters away from the building. It’s the first landscape space to tie up the living area and the outside space, and it is also the beginning of Qingjing Street.

In the east side of the street, there has a manmade mountains and waters landscape which is 2350 square meters. An embossment wall that signed the project name is located in the north side of the green slope. The top of the manmade mountain is 11.25 meters high. The water landscape has 3 floors, water drop from one floor to the next one, through the high and rich forest and landing stage, then flow into the competition area park.

ii. Qingjing Street
Qingjing Street is 16 meters wide totally, carriageway is 6 meters wide, the separated space in the middle of the street is 4 meters wide, and in the 2 sides of the street there have 2 sidewalks which are 1.5 meters wide. Driving on the street, you will see a lot of trees in the side just like you are driving in a scenic area.

Landforms, water, trees, ways and outdoor artistic productions made the landing stage, carriageway and the park scene to be integrated closely. When you enter in, you will feel just like enter into the Garden of Eden.

iii. Binhe Park
Binhe Park is in the middle of Qingjing Street and competition area, nearly 1000 meters long and 30 meters wide. It’s an important water landscape banding in the living area.

In the park, there have a water skiing bleachers and a reserved field that can build a provisional bleachers. The International Water Skiing Game will be hold with solemnity in the next year. The landscape field is uninterrupted and undulated landforms. In the park, people grew green forest which has vivid administrative levels; it shows the particular natural environment totally. Near the embankment, 3 pavilions and veranda which have different structure styles located in the end of landscape banding square and respond the entrance of living area. It shows the scheme concept of natural living soundly.

iv. Neighborhood Central Square
Neighborhood Central Square is extended from neighborhood commercial centre to the competition water area, about 2200 square meters. The main entrance of neighborhood center which face the competition area park is Linyin Square. The square has near water tableland, landscape balcony, resting pavilion and sport facilities, all of them bring the villa life vitality.

v. Building Sandy Beach Square
Water skiing building is located in the northwestern part of the project, near the Qingjing Street and the Light of Dongli Street, and an international water sport park which can offer all kinds of sport facilities to proprietors is nearby. In the top of the building, you can overlook the whole water skiing competition area and the sport park in nearby area. In the front of the building, sandstone square which is 5700 square meters extends to the lake. Proprietors can take part in colorful healthy amusements in this square.