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·The best East Asian Games perfectly displays Tianjin’s charms   13-10-21
·Local athletes play high level, display competence in Tianjin East Asian Games  13-10-21
·The 6th East Asian Games conclude successfully, Tianjin fulfills its promise wonderfully  13-10-21
·The 6th East Asian Games round off, Sun Chunlan announces its closing  13-10-21
·Chinese guide displays the graceful bearing of Tianjin girls at the opening ceremony  13-10-14
·Liu Chun: Etiquette waiters, a beautiful landscape at venues of the East Asian Games  13-10-14
·Volunteers’ meticulous services ensure the perfection of dragon boat competition, showing today’s youth’s spirituality  13-10-14
·Image ambassadors demonstrate civilized etiquette to advertise the beautiful Tianjin  13-10-14
·To be a beautiful Tianjinese, local volunteers committed to serving the East Asian Games  13-10-14
·The referees of the East Asian Games are just and fair; a beautiful female referee “I have fallen in love with Tianjin”  13-10-14
·The interpretation team’s reception complimented by technical officials of East Asian Games, profound friendship established  13-10-14
·Press Conference on 14th October 2013  13-10-13
·Press Conference on 15th October 2013   13-10-13
·Thoughtful Services of Hotel, Warm Home for Athletes  13-10-11
·Hotel Volunteers Providing Thoughtful and Wholehearted Services  13-10-11
·MPC Volunteers, Thoughtful Services, Positive Images  13-10-11
·Charming and Professional Collegiate Cheerleaders  13-10-11
·EAG Journalists Touring Haihe, Feeling the Pretty Tianjin  13-10-11
·Bus Drivers for EAG Media, City Promoters of Tianjin  13-10-11
·EAG Opening Games Abounded with Distinctive Tianjin Elements  13-10-10
·Preparatory Work for the 6th East Asian Games Progresses Well, New Venue to Finish in May  13-03-25
· EAGA Council Representatives: See a Vigorous Tianjin   12-12-14
·Measures for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights of the 6th East Asian Games Released in Tianjin   12-12-14
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